This is the first edition of English Dogs by my uncle, Peter Walker. The front cover is by well known sic-fi illustrator and relative Chris Achilleos. Originally a few hundred copies were printed and sold both here in Britain and across the pond. A mixture of off the wall humour, twisted social commentary and stoned nonsense, this comic harks back to a golden age of underground comics so widely enjoyed by dope heads and freaks alike.

Here it is, in its entirety (minus centre page) for delight and amusement. Enjoy!

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Whatever happened to the underground comics of the late 70s and 80s? Where have our stupid stories filled with sex, drugs and violence gone? With the notable exception of Viz it seems the comics that catered to our immature tastes have disappeared. Gone are Dope Fiends, English Dogs and National Lampoon.

 In all probability large printing and distribution costs meant many underground publishers were unsustainable. Well, things have changed and the digital revolution means we can share our doodles with the rest of the world for free. 

 So, here’s an unpublished cartoon of mine. It amused the Viz team, but they said they couldn’t use it. Image